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Activate our real-time protection against intrusion and attacks to your site thanks to the WT.Firewall firewall. It will establish a barrier for automated attacks and spam bots, proactively checking incoming traffic and blocking requests of unwanted nature.
External Scan
Scan the site for malicious code inserts that redirect visitors coming from search engines, redirect visitors from mobile browsers, using users power for mining cryptocurrency, using user traffic to download unsolicited ads, usually of a destructive nature.
Uptime monitoring
Check the performance of your site every minute. Stay informed about the problems of accessibility of the site instantly using any available types of notifications: SMS, Email, Telegram, Slack and many others.
Domain Monitoring
Learn about the expiration of your domain. We will send you a notice a day, a week and a month before the expiration date. Keep track of the reputation of the domain in the anti-virus databases and the entry into the black lists of popular browsers.
Defacement Monitoring
Check sites for problems and signs of hacking, in which the main page is replaced with another, usually containing advertisements, threats or callers. Sites that have been defaced, as well as system errors displayed on the page, are not credible to visitors.
Port Scanner
Monitor the status of network ports on the servers of your sites. Port Scanner will promptly report on popularly vulnerable services that are launched and opened for exploitation by attackers.
SSL Monitoring
Find out the status of the SSL certificate installed on the site. We examine it for evidence of health, relevance and compliance with safety standards.
Keep track of changes in the files of your site in real time. Anti-Virus will instantly notify you about new, modified and deleted files without your knowledge, as a rule, indicating the penetration of malicious code.
External Scan
Uptime monitoring
Domain Monitoring
Defacement Monitoring
Port Scanner
SSL Monitoring

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